About Product

Perseus is a fully automated machine for the vacuum, M.A.P. (vacuum+gas), skin tray and sealing packaging of pre-formed trays. In addition to our standard machine, ItalianPack Perseus can be tailored to customers’ needs and additional components allow for a turnkey "complete line" to meet the requirements of today’s food industry.

Our company’s Engineering Department will assist you by designing and developing entire lines, infeed and outfeed conveyors, tray denesters, checkweighers, dosing machines for liquids and solids, markers/printing machines, aligning devices, etc.

ItalianPack Perseus can pack up to 32 M.A.P. trays per minute, 60 sealed trays and 28 skin trays. Die changing only takes less than 2 minutes. Our user-friendly touch screen displays allows easy monitoring of parameters, storage of up to 99 packaging programs and language selection. The same die allows for different types of packaging: film sealing only, MAP and skin tray.

The moderate price of our dies makes it easy to custom-design our machines and to choose from an extensive spectrum of trays sizes.