About Product

Roller balls are protected from impacts and shocks, that are made by foreign bodies, with the springs. “Vee” belt impulsion ensures a quiet and maintenance free operation.Depending upon the cylindirical shape, the diameter and length sizes of the roller balls vary by the grinding system of the mill and the diagram.


  • Thick steel plated machine body for maximum endurance and rigidity
  • Rolls placed in bearings that is specially designed for heavy duty
  • Adjustable grain size
  • Easy to adapt to automation systems
  • Easy to operate and compact design
  • Automatic roller ball settings
  • Quality and proven performance
  • Sample hatch
  • Energy savings up to 60%
  • Quiet operation
  • Homogenous grain size
  • Optional full automation
  • Differential belt drive
  • A wide range of capacities
  • Robust and long life span
  • Spare parts support and customer service