Customs services

Novinniroo customs & trading services Co, has started It's duty for nearly 25 years.

The main aim is to provide high quality service to business and commerce, customs, institutions, manufacturing and service companies in a reliable way and very fast

Consulting and customs clearance of goods

Shipping valid contract with the owners of the goods for import and export goods companies

Obtaining the necessary permits from government agencies

A lidded storage area to strip, unloading, loading of goods imported and exported

To avoid the cost of warehouse goods depot

No matter where your country of origin or destination is, clearance is a very specialized and complex task. Without

sufficient experience and knowledge in the field of current laws / regulations, it may be difficult to carry out import / export formalities in a difficult and delayed manner. Failure to become familiar with the customs clearance process may even lead to unnecessary waste of time / money.

 With the help of modern business intelligence, you can ensure that your goods are dispatched to the final destination quickly and accurately from the customs of the country, instead of having multiple contacts with different persons and worrying about how the customs procedures can be properly executed.Using this service, in addition to saving time / expenses, allows you to provide higher-quality services to your home / overseas customers. In addition, your goods are cleared faster, arrive at the final destination sooner, and eventually you will receive your money sooner.

 The expertise and long-term experience of this business allows our customers to benefit from a special service package based on their demands. The features of this business can be used to quickly act on all administrative / executive issues related to clearance, as well as advisory services within 7 days of the week by telephone and e-mail.

 Customs clearance is a thorough and complex task. Without sufficient experience and knowledge in the field of current rules and regulations, it may be difficult and time consuming to enter into and export the goods.

Therefore, our goal is to provide the most desirable business and customs services which have a background of several years of brilliance and knowledge of all customs and rules and updating information and customs laws and the use of committed and experienced personnel to be able to undertake. All business affairs and doing it will best serve the cost reduction and maintenance of comfort in the business affairs of our companies and customers.

 why US

• Official Customs Broker

• The experience of experienced merchandising experts with experience in the commodity inspection companies

• The use of experienced experts in the field of clearance, having more than a decade of clearance

• Enjoy basic lawyers with years of successful business case experience

• Benefit from experienced engineers with a license from the engineering organization to provide the best possible service.

• Benefit from official justice experts with many years of experience in undergraduate case studies

• Profit from expert finance experts

•Advantage of expert experts in international market studies and marketing