Unfortunately, the number of bad buildings calculated in Tehran So much so that those common mistakes are a place for owners to protest that they try to make their calculations correct, without regard to the misconception of construction. In many cases, the owner states in protest of the map calculation that the dimensions of the concrete column of the building, which is calculated to be 40 centimeters, while the calculation of the adjacent building with the same architectural design specifies the dimensions of the same column of 30 or 35 centimeters. Unaware that in calculating the adjacent building, beam weight and columns are not mistakenly considered in its calculation calculations or the material resistance is considered to be inadequate in practice.

The regulations used by engineers to calculate earthquake forces are known as the 2800 regulations of the Building and Housing Research Center. The first regulations were applied in Iran in 1341, but the first edition of the Iranian earthquake rules was provided to engineers by 12 engineers in February 1366 and based on various earthquakes, including the Tabas earthquake. After the Gilan earthquake, a revised version (second edition) was prepared in cooperation with 38 engineers and experts in December 1999.