YEMMAK Company Profile

Established in 1965, Yemmak is Turkey's leading feed machinery manufacturer, providing industrial process solutions for the animal waste processing, chemical and biomass industries.

Through its deep industry experience spanning over half a century, Yemmak exports to 34 countries on 4 continents, and provides services in project consulting and engineering, special-purpose projects, automation, modernization, steel construction and after-sales support with a 250-strong staff lead specialist engineers at its 50,000 m2 area plant in Bandırma, Turkey.

Yemmak is among the few producers in Turkey and Europe that can manage machinery, process and turnkey projects from a single center.

Yemmak recognizes the key role of advanced technology in improving Turkey's prospects and believes R&D investments are crucial in this regard.

As a global brand, Yemmak exports 70 percent of its products to 34 countries including Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and the rest of the Middle East; Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and all other Turkish republics; and Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Sweden and Panama. Providing low energy costs, the design, production, and assembly operations of the company are of high quality, selection, reliability, and efficiency.

Yemmak sees each project as a complete system, and identifies for its customers the most optimal solutions. Yemmak stands out with its distinctive projects. With the mission of transforming factories into manufacturers that turn out products with high marginal utility, Yemmak has thus far set up numerous of the highest capacity factories, producing feed for poultry, cattle and fish. It is currently establishing the largest turkey feed factory in Russia.

Global Presence

Today, as the world’s leading brand, we export 70 percent of our production to 34 countries. As the world’s technology provider for Feed, Chemical, Rendering Plants and Biomass Industries, we provide a unique technology with the optimum cost and evaluate your project with all of its processes.