About Us:

Novinniroo holding is a dynamic economic enterprise active in various fields of economics and investment.
In addition to trading in various economic sectors in the field of production and development activities, this group also operates. More than 10 reputable companies in the world work with this collection.
In the commercial sector, the company operates in the fields of animal feed, poultry and aquaculture and other additives, as well as the supply and distribution of poultry and eggs.
In the foreign business sector, the company's activities are divided into two broad categories:
1. Import: Major imports of this collection in the field of livestock and poultry machinery including egg laying, broiler and pullet chicken, egg size and packing machines, machinery for animal feed and poultry, aquaculture and processing machinery and packaging The bundle is.
2. Export: The main export of this collection is in the field of food products such as chicken, eggs, vegetables, fruits, dried fruits, etc.
Also, this collection, with the help of experienced customs clearance and customs experts, performs all customs duties at the borders of Bazargan, Bandar Abbas, Bushehr and Genaveh.
The construction unit of this complex is engaged in the construction of modern apartments with a limited number of units.
The production unit also has 2 units of broiler and laying hens each with a capacity of 50,000 pieces, which focuses on the production of high quality and standard egg chicken and eggs.
The team always has an experienced and scientific staff to advance its goals and, in this regard, all the staff will have special training courses.
The offices of this complex in Tehran, Shiraz and Bandar Generawa are always ready to provide services to customers. International offices of the complex are also responsible for cross-border customers in Muscat (Oman) and London (UK).
Hoping for a better day and a smoother one.
Knowledge, experience and innovation are our motto.